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minding my speak

accent accidents

Andy Brough
30 December 1985

i mean no offense to anyone but i think that the LJ's that require a request to be added as a friend are dumb. yeah you should say, "hey i added you, add me" but it shouldn't be required. that's like saying, "i don't trust people"

i don't know. it worked in my head.... didn't really work on paper

Go Away Paris - Join the movement at GoAwayParis.com

this is my new myspace picture-----------------------\/

i don't use yahoo messenger so don't even try.
i love freerunning, downhill, moto-x, bmx, longboarding, base jumping, skydiving, etc.
i like stuff. ask me and i'll tell you more.

i'm a billie joe armstrong look-alike

i'm really really easily amused.

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i like burritos

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i also like the rain, but not when i'm on a bike.

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"urine" is one of the most neglected words in the english language

women need to be respected more, and we need to start spelling it "wimmens"

the word "precisely" should always be said while raising one eyebrow and even grabbing at something that isn't there or making a fist
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